Start monetizing

your individuality

influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing focuses on influential people and not on the target market. It can identify individuals that can potentially attract buyers for your product.

  • 59%

    of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing budget

  • 49%

    of people rely on influencer recommendations

  • 67%

    of marketers consider finding influencers their largestchallenge

what about bloggers..?

This marketing tool is closely associated with bloggers because they distribute specific content to a large audience. is a marketplace that connects bloggers and advertisers. We built in class tools to connect them, enabling branded content that reaches the desired audience and brings more revenue for both parties!

For Bloggers helps you to find sponsored ads and make money!

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. SM platform does not matter - you will find sponsorship opportunities specifically for your content. Registration at the platform is free and the choice is wide. Add your blog/channel to our system and potential investors will find you themselves.

  • 0% commission

    Free convenient tool without a commission for transactions!

  • worldwide access

    Direct access to an enormous supply of advertisers worldwide

  • smart selection

    Ability to filter offers according to your requirements

  • reliability provides you with a reliable tool for earning money

  • funds management

    The ability to conduct transactions directly or with a guarantor

  • cpa model

    Earn more for the same amount of work in case of success

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for advertisers

For advertisers

Be in control. Manage what your customers see.

Get an access to a large list of bloggers from Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Accounts are ready to post your ads for reasonable pricing. You can launch your campaign, select bloggers, review content and manage your campaign. Work with bloggers directly without any 3rd party.

  • 0% commission

    Free convenient tool without a commission for transactions!

  • veryfied bloggers

    Checked accounts with real users and loyal audience

  • smart selection

    Selection of bloggers based on your desired audience

  • popularity

    Many want to get what the famous blogger has

  • everlasting ads

    Ads have no deadline even years later it will be seen by subscribers

  • cpa model

    Pay for the attracted customer or the purchase, not simply for an ad

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for bloggers

What is Fazze

Engaging customers (for advertisers) and earning money (for bloggers) has never been easier. Cooperate and create without inconvenience with Fazze, here is what we offer:

  • Free

    Registration on Fazze is free. Also, the advertiser and the blogger set the price for an ad, which depends on the number of subscribers. The platform only informs both parties about the recommended advertising price.

  • Guarantee
    of payment

    Fazze acts as a guarantor of a transaction between a blogger and an advertiser. Direct deals without intermediary have no guarantee of a regular payment. Fazze conducts constant monitoring and guarantees it.

  • CPA model

    CPA is one of the working options at Fazze, it should be used in the case if the offer is too specific and the audience is narrow. Cost per action marketing can be beneficial both for bloggers and for advertisers.

  • High-quality content
    + verified advertisers

    Every blogger, as well as every advertiser, is thoroughly moderated by our managers. Scams and fakes are removed and banned.

  • Convenient
    targeting tools

    Advanced campaign targeting tools and filtering will help you find suitable bloggers and promotional offers.

  • Advertising

    Fazze Managers can help you develop a strategy, find suitable partners and manage ads, but the final decision is always yours!

  • Smart

    Only thematic channels and blogs that correspond to the target audience of the advertiser are offered. Bloggers likewise see suggestions in the same manner.

  • Safety
    & reliability

    Brands and bloggers are protected. Profiles and reviews can be seen. Online transactions are secured and money is transferred through the platform. Fazze makes sure that blogger regularly receives payment for an ad after placement on his blog / channel.

ANALYZE BRANDS AND BLOGS WITH US allows you to analyze bloggers as well as brands in details. All the data is available in trends and diagrams. It has never been easier to analyze and explore your competitors! We propose:


1Detailed statistics for each blogger

2Opportunity to know which brands
and services the bloggers promote

Brands analytics:

1Search and analysis of the video mentioning the brand

2Detailed statistics for each video containing brand
promotion (views, likes, dislikes, clicks to a brand website)


Fazze can also work as a brand agency, that promotes brands and / or represent channels’ interests. Do not want to waste your time searching, analyzing and talking to partners? Contact us and we will do it for you! We offer:

  • complex

    Production, media planning
    and media buying,
    purchase quality control

  • best

    Best offers
    and advategeous conditions
    for your business

  • effective

    Most effective publications
    with high engagement and results

  • target

    Clearly defined target
    audience with maximum
    conversion rate worldwide

  • service

    Customer service managers,
    who are online 24/7